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2017 Credit Congress Announced
October 18, 2016
Written By: Lisa Russell

Join over a thousand other credit professionals at NACM's annual Credit Congress & Expo!

For 121 years, NACM has provided unparalleled education, networking, resources, professional growth experiences, a sense of community, entertainment and so much more.

Be a part of this amazing experience June 11 - 14 at the Gaylord Texan.

Discover all that Credit Congress has to offer today, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook to stay informed! And, remember to register by Dec. 1 to recieve the special, lowest rate!



February 17, 2015
Written By: Lisa Russell

With more than 60 educational sessions, an expo that is second to none, and networking opportunities that put you in touch with the top people in a wide variety of industries, Credit Congress is the premier conference opportunity for credit managers. 

Oh, and this year, Credit Congress is in our backyard – St. Louis to be exact.

So why haven’t you signed up?  Let us help to dismiss a few of your concerns.

Cost.  Yes, there is a cost to attend Credit Congress, but if you sign up before March 2, you earn an early bird discount.  Plus, if you sign up five or more members of your credit department, there is an even bigger team discount.  This year, the added bonus is the fact Credit Congress is in the Midwest and can be reached easily by car.

Time.  There is no doubt there are more demands on your time both personally and professionally than ever before.  As credit professionals, we’re expected to do more with less, and sometimes, professional development opportunities are thrown by the wayside.  It’s time to change that.  Each year we survey our members who attend the conference and time and again they discuss why Credit Congress has been critical to their own development.

In fact, check out what our scholarship winner said this year:

“As a new credit manager, I am constantly learning about the credit world. I am eager to gain all the education and experience I can to become a better credit professional. My knowledge of credit is growing but still limited and I feel that attending Credit Congress can further enhance my education ... Additionally, the educational sessions will enhance my development as a credit manager and enable me to apply the knowledge I gain from the sessions to my daily tasks in credit.”   -- Rebecca Dick, credit manager for WSM Industries in Wichita.

Credit Congress is a four-day commitment that allows you to take a step away from your day-to-day work and take a strategic look at the bigger picture. 

“I won’t know anyone.”  You may not know anyone when you arrive, but you will have an extensive network of peers when you leave.  From our own NACM Heartland reception to the overall experience, you have an unprecedented opportunity to meet and learn from others who likely experienced similar challenges and opportunities.

“I already participate in NACM educational opportunities.”  For that we are thrilled, but the sessions here are taught by the best of the best and often there are topics discussed that aren’t covered in our other regular educational programming.

Still need convincing.  Give Maggie a shout.  She has attended Credit Congress for many years and would be happy to talk to you about why this is an invaluable opportunity.

October 30, 2014
Written By: Lisa Russell

It might seem like it is a little early, but there are already more than 30 reservation for the 2015 Credit Congress in St. Louis May 17 - 20. 

A little house keeping:

We are using two hotels in St. Louis: if you prefer the one closest to the convention center, you should plan to reserve early at the Renaissance!
Renaissance St. Louis Grand
The biggest plus of the Renaissance is that it’s close to the convention center (literally across the street). It’s being completely renovated, with the renovation work scheduled to be completed by our arrival. The room rate at the Renaissance is $159, plus tax.
Hyatt Regency at the Arch
The Hyatt is literally at the Arch, which is beautiful to see as you walk in the front door of the hotel. The Hyatt is close to Busch Stadium; the Cardinals are in town while we are there, playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a link to the Cardinals schedule:
The new Ballpark Village is open across from the Stadium. It has lots of bars, restaurants will be great for night life. The Hyatt is a less expensive than the Renaissance at $135 but is about a 10 minute walk to Center.
You may not mind the short walk and you may prefer the Hyatt brand over the Renaissance/Marriott brand; there are also a handful of reservations at the Hyatt already.  
Here’s the link to the hotel information page of the 2015 Credit Congress website:

May 23, 2013
Written By: Maggie Bessenbacher

Greetings from Las Vegas!

As Credit Congress wraps up, we wanted to let you know some of the fun and exciting things we’ve experienced.

On Sunday night, we hosted the NACM Heartland reception in the Rio Hotel. We had a fantastic opportunity to network with more than 50 NACM Heartland members and credit exchange group members.  It was a great opportunity to get together before the hectic (but fantastic!) agenda began on Monday morning.  Plus we were joined by NACM Heartland Chris Kuehl and  Wanda Borgess, as well as representatives from our vendors and United TranzActions.

Also at the reception, we honored Richard Reed, our nominee for NACM Instructor of the year.  He was one of the finalists and we couldn’t have been prouder.  NACM National also announced an initiative to ensure all affiliates offer at least two core services to include education, credit reporting services, credit exchange groups and collections services.  We are pleased we are already in compliance with all of these core services.

At Tuesday’s Super Session, NACM Heartland was recognized for its membership growth.  It’s also worth noting we’re just one of a few affiliates that continues to show growth year-over-year. 

In addition to all of the great education sessions, a number of NACM members from across affiliates are being asked to participate in small group discussions about the future of NACM.  Specifically, members are being asked what NACM will look like 10 years from now.  While this is a national conversation, we’d like to pose the same question to our membership.  What do you think NACM Heartland will look in 10 years? How will our offerings change? How many members do you think we’ll have?  Email me at with your thoughts!

That’s just a few of the highlights.  Look for complete Credit Congress wrap up in July’s newsletter.

February 28, 2013
Written By: Lisa Russell

The 2013 Credit Congress in Las Vegas on May 19-22 promises to be another great event full of education, networking and critical industry information. By registering for Credit Congress today, you’ll save $100 on your full delegate registration!

If you haven’t been to a Credit Congress, this is a great year to start.  There are amazing opportunities to meet other credit professionals. Plus, you get valuable insight about how to be successful in today’s business climate. There are so many educational opportunities to consider, you’ll want Credit Congress to be a couple of days longer!

These “headliners” have already been announced:

  • Dr. Ed Altman - Father of the Z-Score. Esteemed New York University professor, Dr. Altman will teach advanced financial analysis sessions designed especially for our executive-level delegates.
  • Bruce Christopher - Back by popular demand.  Bruce will be presenting a variety of fascinating sessions, including Why are Women So Strange and Men So Weird? Staying Energized in a Draining World and The Power of Perception.
  • Greg Powelson & Chris Ring of NACM’s Secured Transaction Services.  Greg and Chris bring their usual energy and expertise to their session: Selling to Contractors: Ten Tips to Reduce DSO and Avoid Write-offs.
  • Nathan Rader, Dave Curtin and Steve Strong, CCE, Google Inc. Nathan, Dave and Steve engage our Credit Congress audience with the timely and innovative topic: Cloud Apps for Business: How Finance Organizations Can Benefit from Working in the Cloud.

So don’t delay. Register today to take advantage of these great savings!

December 10, 2012
Written By: NACM Administrator

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, don’t forget to take advantage of some special rates for the 2013 Credit Congress.

In addition to significantly reduced room rates, NACM is offering a special registration rate to participants who sign up by this Friday, December 14.  By registering for Credit Congress now, you’ll save $150 on your full delegate registration.  If you are one of the first 500 registrants to book your room, you’ll receive the special $129/night rate – a savings of almost $30/night.  In a time where travel and education budgets are limited, this is a great deal!

The 2013 Credit Congress in Las Vegas on May 19-22 promises to be another great event full of education, networking and critical industry information.  If you haven’t been to a Credit Congress, this is a great year to start.  While there are amazing opportunities to meet other credit professionals, some of the best feedback we hear are about the education sessions that bring provide information about a wide variety of topics that not address today’s credit departments, but doing business in today’s economic climate.  

These “headliners” have already been announced:

  • Dr. Ed Altman - Father of the Z-Score ?Esteemed New York University professor, Dr. Altman will teach advanced ?financial analysis sessions designed especially for our executive-level?delegates.
  • Bruce Christopher - Back by Popular Demand.  Bruce will be presenting a variety of fascinating sessions, including Why are Women So Strange and Men So Weird?, Staying Energized in a Draining World and The Power of Perception.
  • Greg Powelson & Chris Ring of NACM’s Secured Transaction Services ?Greg and Chris bring their usual energy and expertise to their session, ?Selling to Contractors: Ten Tips to Reduce DSO and Avoid Write-offs.
  • Nathan Rader, Dave Curtin and Steve Strong, CCE, Google Inc.?Nathan, Dave and Steve engage our Credit Congress audience with the timely?and innovative topic, Cloud Apps for Business: How Finance Organizations Can ?Benefit from Working in the Cloud.

So don’t delay. Register today to take advantage of these great savings!

October 8, 2012
Written By: Lisa Russell


NACM National is pleased to share some good news...

Thinking about attending the 2013 Credit Congress and Expo at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas on May 19-22?  Check out this deal:

The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas has agreed to discount the first 500 sleeping rooms in our block for Credit Congress. These rooms will be available at a discounted rate of $129/night (our regular conference rate at the Rio is $155/night).  The block is now open, & the Rio has begun taking reservations for the 2013 convention.  Once the 500 rooms are taken, the contracted rate of $155 applies.

Here is the housing reservation link:  Members can also access this link and the reservation phone number from the Credit Congress housing page on the official website.


August 29, 2012
Written By: NACM Heartland


It’s budget time for many companies, and that likely means you’re evaluating your educational opportunities for the coming year. Don’t forget to add the 2013 Credit Congress to your list!

In May 2013, NACM's Credit Congress & Exposition celebrates 117 years of education, enlightenment, unity of purpose, professional excellence and so much more.  Join us at the Rio Hotel Las Vegas for the year's largest gathering of business credit professionals in the country.

We spend a lot of time talking about this conference is THE conference for credit professionals.  It comes to this: there are so many options that you can tailor the experience to be what you need it to be.  It’s that simple.

NACM National already has the website up and running, so be sure to take a look at what they already have planned.  Also sign up for email updates that deliver Credit Congress news right into your inbox.  And, don’t forget that the early bird gets the discounts … So once your budget is approved, make your reservations.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, May 19-22, 2013.

May 22, 2012
Written By: Bill Croyle, CCE

The National Association of Credit Managers will hold its 116th Credit Congress & Exposition, June 10-13 in Grapevine, Texas. 

The location is just north of Dallas.  The host hotel, the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center is a large resort by even Texas standards.  So be ready to do some walking, and bring comfortable shoes!

Preparing for Congress takes some time and planning so that you get to the classes and events that fit your development as a credit professional.   With so much going on, you need to look at all that is offered and plan out each day.  I can tell you now you won’t get to everything, but make the most of it.  Look at the classes that will hit on areas that you are weak in or those new to you.  There are many speakers and topics that you can review in the latest Business Credit magazine or online to the official Credit Congress website.

Those working on getting their various credit certifications will arrive at Credit Congress on Saturday June 9 for reviews and testing.  Most of the exams are on Sunday. 

This is a large conference.  You will be one of about 1,500 attendees, and the size really sets in during the opening session.

The Congress brings vendors of all kinds to the Expo Hall that is open every day. It is so important that Credit Congress officials also stage their luncheon in the Expo to get you there.  You paid for it, so get there and take the time to see what’s new in credit this year.  Several of the vendors, almost half, will be collection companies from around the country.  Stop by each booth and say hello.  Get their handouts and then walk on.  We all know that the NACM Heartland has one of the premier collection companies nationally, and that is where you need to place your claims. 

Seriously, with today’s technology you may just find something there that will help you in getting the job done faster and with less effort.  Look over the list of exhibitors in the credit magazine and select the ones you really think could help you.   If you are a first time attendee be sure to attend the “First Time Attendee Orientation.”  This will help set the tone for the next few days.  Depending on your time in credit pick classes that will help you the most.  Don’t sit in on classes that may be too technical or out of your industry.  Attorneys pull in large attendance as do speakers dealing in international credit and the economy.  From experience I can tell you attorney Wanda Borges is always at the top of my list.

Networking is another big benefit of Credit Congress.  Make sure you bring plenty of business cards because everyone will want one.   You’ll be just as surprised by the number of the people you know as you are by those who don’t.

And, finally, each year Credit Congress is held somewhere where the weather is warm, really warm.  However, that doesn’t mean the meeting space is warm. So don’t forget to bring a sweater or a jacket so you can stay focused on all the great information!

This is a great conference every year, and we hope you’ll find it as beneficial as we do.  If you haven’t done so already, please let me or Maggie Bessenbacher know if you’ll be there.  We’d love to meet up with you.

April 17, 2012
Written By: Maggie Bessenbacher

Credit Congress is only 54 days away, and there is still time to register.

So are you still working on your boss to attend?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Go through the educational session – highlight the ones that would benefit your company if you learned more about a particular subject.  There are so many educational opportunities; you should be able to come up with several.

  • Tell your boss about the featured speakers.  This is an opportunity to listen to experts who have all kinds of information to make us better employees and better people.

    • Jamie Clarke.  Mr. Clarke will relate the importance of overcoming the fear of rejection as a major factor in the process of reaching goals.  Mr. Clarke suggests that we must face and conquer the internal battle of self-awareness so that we may then become a supportive member of any team that faces challenges together. 
    • Garrison Wynn.  Mr. Wynn will talk to us about “the real truth about success.”  As a motivational speaker, advisor and author, he has worked with some of the world’s most effective corporate leaders and business developers. 
  • Pick out the Executive Exchange Session that will benefit you and your company– exchange ideas, knowledge and shared experiences with this interactive forum.  Divided into six specialty areas, you will certainly find one beneficial to you and your company.   

  • Networking is a very important part of the Credit Congress.  Here you will meet credit people, your pears from all across the United States in every industry.  Friendships are developed at Credit Congress, friendships you can call on throughout the year. 

  • You will come back to work refreshed and ready to concur your job with new enthusiasm. 

Write all of this down and present this to your boss.  No luck?  We’ll miss you, but you’ve laid the ground work for next year.


April 2, 2012
Written By: Lisa Russell

So are you -- or someone you know -- waiting for a good time to join NACM Heartland?

The wait is over.  NACM Heartland, in conjunction with NACM National, is offering new members a special offer of your choosing.  Sign up for a one year membership and get a second year free OR get a free 2012 Credit Congress delegate registration.

It's a tough choice.  On one hand you can have not one, but two years of all the perks of membership in NACM Heartland. From education to networking to access to important products and services, NACM membership is a great way for credit professionals to access key information and support for themselves professionally, as well as their entire credit department.  But, on the other hand, NACM's annual Credit Congress is the premier event in the credit industry.  There is no faster way to hit the ground running than to experience this year's Credit Congress.  You'll get a chance to talk to vendors, industry expert and your peers. 

Offer is good through June 1, but don't wait to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Contact Maggie Bessenbacher at 888.222.1447 for more details.

February 2, 2012
Written By: Lisa Russell

Happy Groundhog Day!

Do you think the groundhog will see its shadow? Don't forget about the special NACM National is running for Credit Congress. For one day only, the conference registration rate is $669, a $50 Groundhog Day savings!

REGISTER today using discount code GHOGDAY.

Visit the official site today! 

January 13, 2012
Written By: Lisa Russell

Updates to the 2012 Credit Congress, June 10-13, at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center are coming fast and furious!  It is sure to be a fun but valuable experience for all our members.

Just in case you missed it ...

  • Recently, the keynote speakers were announced.  To learn more about Jamie Clark and Garrison Wynn, check out the official Credit Congress website at
  • The silent auction committee is looking for items!  Heightening the hum of activity in the Expo Hall on Monday evening, the NACM Scholarship Foundation hosts its annual Silent Auction. Proceeds from the auction go directly to the Foundation to support its goal of providing financial assistance to credit professionals for educational programs so their gained knowledge can strengthen the profession and business community.  Through the generous donations and purchasing support of conference attendees, the auction has been a successful event, both from financial and networking perspectives for many years. To continue this positive momentum, the Foundation encourages item donations. Each donation is a unique and interesting addition to this event. If you aren’t able to donate, be sure to join us during the Beer & Browse in the Expo Hall to bid on the fabulous assortment of items available.
  • Early bird registration deadline is March 2!  Register now and save money.

October 3, 2011
Written By: NACM Heartland

NACM's Credit Congress and Expo is THE event for credit professionals.  This is where you and your peers participate in timely educational sessions, network with credit professionals from across the country and bring back information designed to make your credit department more effective.  In an ongoing effort to make this event more accessible to our credit professionals, the NACM Heartland board of directors will once again offer one member the opportunity to attend Credit Congress as a full delegate.
Deadline for the scholarship application is December 1, 2011.  The scholarship promotes personal development in the credit industry through continuing education and/or certification, as well as to encourage participation in NACM sponsored events, such as teleconferences, educational lunch and learns, educational seminars, etc. Click here to download the scholarship form, or you may contact Maggie Bessenbacher for more information.

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