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May 2, 2017
Written By: Lisa Russell

The sales and credit departments are often at odds about credit and collections, yet they don’t have to be. Conflicts can be avoided through clear communication and establishing a culture that benefits both teams because in the end you’re both working towards the same goal: a successful bottom line.

So what would you like your sales team to know? We asked several of our staff and members, and here’s what they answered. 

  • “Feed the Horse from the Front End’ as it relates to establishing a credit culture and your collection habits. The longer you wait the messier it gets!
  • When we ask the sales team to contact the customer about a late invoice, we aren’t asking them to demand or “be the bad person.” We’re asking them to get more information about the situation. It’s unlikely they’re going to the accounting department, but rather the person who purchased the goods, which means we’ve gained an advocate in getting paid. 
  • Sales should know that on those few occasions when a “sale” goes to collection, a vital piece of information is knowing what kind of entity they are dealing with. This all starts with a quality credit application being fully executed and signed, and if you couple that with a Personal Guaranty, all the better. 
  • Be clear about what does good credit looks like. If we don’t start with the same definition, then there will be problems. 
  • Waiting until 60 days past should not be in anyone’s vocabulary. By this time, it is becoming almost impossible to collect. 
  • Our credit policy includes a provision that if we don’t receive payment on outstanding invoice, the salesperson doesn’t receive credit or commission on that sale until we do. 
  • The collections process begins at the beginning of the relationship. If we have a less than perfect customer, we work with the sales team to provide other options to do business with the customer such as personal guarantees, joint check guarantees, mechanic’s liens and letters of credit. By working together upfront saves us time and energy on the backend.

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share? Let us know at Maggie@nacmheartland. com and we’ll print them in the summer issue of Heartland Headliner



Kevin Quinn Named Interim COO
March 16, 2017
Written By: Lisa Russell

We have exciting news to share!

Long-time NACM Heartland member Kevin Quinn, CCE has agreed to serve as our Interim COO. As we announced in the winter newsletter, Kevin recently retired from Key Cooperative as credit manager and the NACM Heartland board. In addition to his own credit manager experience, Kevin served on the NACM National board of directors. We are pleased he really wasn’t prepared to retire and expressed interest in joining the NACM Heartland team.

“NACM Heartland provides tremendous value to credit professionals at all levels, and I am excited to be continuing to be part of the team,” said Kevin Quinn. “I look forward to working with Bill and Maggie to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of our association.

Bill Croyle will remain in the COO role while he works with Kevin and the staff to transition the COO responsibilities. Bill will continue to lead a number of our credit exchange groups.

“To continue to remain relevant to our members, it is important to inject new ideas and energy into an organization. With Kevin’s background and enthusiasm to ensure NACM Heartland provides value to our membership, we know he will do just that,” Bill Croyle, CCE, said. “As we work through the transition process, it gives us the unprecedented opportunity to look at how the association works and how we can better serve the membership.”

If you would like to welcome Kevin to the organization, he can be reached at: 515.290.9501 cell | 888.222.1447 |

February 2, 2017
Written By: Lisa Russell

The winter issue of Heartland Headliner is now available for download. Stories include: tips for creating a more productive 2017, updates on Credit Congress and so much more!

Click here to download the NACM Heartland Headliner.

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